Claudia Chaves Villarreal
  • Iniciativa: Biotrónica
  • Áreas de especialidad: Dispositivos generación y almacenamiento de energía

Scientist and entrepreneur passionate for promoting sustainability in materials and energy cycles. Experienced in proof-of-concept and implementation stages of projects like biofuels, bio-photovoltaics, electronic waste, waste-to-energy, solid waste dynamics in Costa Rica, recycling programs, biodegradable polymers and programs for environmental education. Research for product development and upgrading. Specialist in nanotechnology and microfabrication: thin films, nanoparticles, heterostructures, graphene, synthesis in liquid and vapor phase. Materials characterization: electron microscopy, thermal analysis, electrochemistry, spectroscopy, XRD. Developer of biolectronic devices. Specialist in semiconductors and electrochemistry. Womens rights and gender equity activist. National resource conservation advocate.