Industrial Design Engineering is a technological discipline that is responsible for conceiving of and configuring new and better products and services required by society. These items can tangible, such as cell phones, or intangible, such as the applications that are deployed in these phones.

The process of designing these products involves the careful integration of various factors, including use, function, structure, environment, aesthetics, technology and markets.

The Industrial Design career of the Tecnológico de Costa Rica  was first offered in 1980 and since then over 300 industrial designers have graduated from the program, and more than 200 projects have been carried out with national and international companies. Today it is the only School in Central America and the Caribbean that offers the degree of Industrial Design Engineer.

Perfil profesional

Creative persons, oriented to the solution of different types of problems, proactive and always interested in the welfare of others.

Industrial designers can work in different types of companies and perform tasks such as the following:

  • Design projects or strategic plans.
  • Design services or product and service systems (PSS).
  • Provide design consulting services.
  • Design a product or product line for introduction into the market.


  • Appropriate infrastructure.
  • Teaching staff with more than 25 years of experience.
  • Computer lab specialized in two-dimensional and three-dimensional imaging.
  • Equipment for three-dimensional scanning and printing.
  • Ergonomics laboratory.
  • Equipment for developing scale models.
  • Eye Tracking equipment for usability research.
  • Materials for scale models for robotics development.
  • Four laboratories for development of new products.