The Agribusiness Engineering career focuses on the development of new organizations and products to meet the tastes of contemporary consumers. Planning, organization, direction and control of productive activities of agricultural and agroindustrial companies are covered in this program, as well as market research for efficient marketing of the products produced by agribusinesses.

Perfil profesional

Persons with the desire to become competitive professionals, critical thinkers with solid values, knowledge generators, capable of promoting the development of their environment. In addition, they have the convictions necessary to contribute to the country’s development by carrying out important research and outreach projects for different sectors of society.

The functions that professionals in Agribusiness Engineering can perform include the following:

  • Use modern production systems and techniques to improve production yields and ensure conservation of natural resources.
  • Use economic and financial tools for analyzing the technical and economic status of agricultural and agro-industrial businesses.
  • Conduct hiring, motivation, training and development processes.
  • Use innovative management models and computer systems to analyze the behavior of an organization and plan its development.

The most common work options these professionals have are:

  • General managers or heads of operational units in different agribusinesses in the public and private sectors, including transnational corporations.
  • Assisted by the strong entrepreneurial spirit instilled in the career, professionals can create their own business.
  • Employers look for graduates of this career because of their strong technical and administrative training, which contributes to obtaining maximum performance in organizations which respect the environment.


  • Audiovisual and computer equipment to support training in the areas covered in the program.
  • Areas for practical fieldwork and agricultural experimentation with different terrains and agricultural machinery.
  • Agroindustrial pilot plant with a wide variety of equipment.
  • Support of an academic staff specialized in the field.