The TEC Business Administration program studies organization, strategies, action plans and decision making in different operational areas of administration, such as accounting, marketing, human resources and finance, while emphasizing respect for ethical principles, social responsibility and entrepreneurial vision.

The licentiate’s degree program is taught at the San José and San Carlos campuses, and is aimed primarily at students who have graduated from the bachelor’s degree program and wish to specialize in a specific area.

The Licentiate’s Degree in Business Administration is divided into four major areas:

  • Public Accounting.
  • Administration
  • Finance.
  • Marketing.
  • Human Resources.

Perfil profesional

Ideal candidates are persons who are willing to cooperate, who like to perform tasks that require contact with people and social relationships, with an independent mentality and leadership capabilities. They should also be responsible professionals, focused on their work, persevering when confronted with major challenges and calm in emergency situations. These persons should be curious about new developments and willing to perform practical tasks.

The program is designed to support the formation of essential competences for professional performance, where competence is understood as personal skills and abilities in the intellectual, ethical, social, and emotional senses, and may involve:

  • Major or comprehensive learning that results from all formal and non-formal educational experiences.
  • Characteristics that a community considers as valuable qualities of human beings.
  • Capacities developed gradually and cumulatively during the course of the training process.
  • General capabilities that are developed as part of personal maturation in the face of life's challenges. Characteristics that people manifest in multiple situations and varied scenarios as part of their behavior.
  • Capabilities to carry out different tasks efficiently and appropriately.

As graduates of the TEC Business Administration program, professionals can work in any of the following areas of administration, in all types of companies or organizations:

  • General Administration.
  • Accounting.
  • Finance.
  • Marketing.
  • Human resources.
  • Formation of their own company.

Graduate student’s with a licentiate’s degree are trained to hold mid-level administrative positions, and higher-level positions if they have the necessary experience in their areas of specialization. They are prepared to make decisions, or to advise business decision-making managers, as well as to work as private consultants. Their professional training, along with personal characteristics, enable them to specify and carry out business and leadership activities as proprietary and non-proprietary managers.

They  are facilitators of social and productive development in their geographical area of ​​influence. Their leadership promotes success and comprehensive development of the country. These professionals have principles and values ​​of social responsibility, entrepreneurship, equity and knowledge in the sciences related to business administration.

Professionals with a licentiate’s degree can work in private or public organizations, and provide consulting and advisory services.

They can work as decision makers or as advisors in their specialty.


  • The courses taught for most of the emphases are offered after 5 p.m. to accommodate the schedules of students who already have a job.
  • Administrative services such as treasury, admission and enrollment, cafeteria-dining room, dentistry, library, guidance and psychology are offered.
  • The San José campus offers extracurricular activities in the field of culture and related activities, as well as lectures, conferences and others.