From its beginning, the Construction Engineering program has created engineers with a solid academic background, fully aware of the role that engineering oriented towards sustainable construction plays in countries’ development.

Costa Rica requires professionals specialized in the field of construction who have the knowledge and mastery of technological tools necessary to carry out effective technical and administrative management in such a way that the design and execution of civil engineering projects in the country are executed within a framework of security, economy, ethics and environmental protection.


The Program is accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB), ensuring the quality of the educational program and providing opportunities for Program participants to pursue further professional development outside of Costa Rica.

Perfil profesional

Persons with mathematical abilities who enjoy constructing structures such as buildings, roads and bridges, who are also aware and respectful of the environment.

Construction engineers are civil engineers with an emphasis on project execution, professionally prepared to plan, design, direct and control all types of civil works.

Opportunities for employment for construction engineers include:

  • Working as employees of construction companies or consulting firms.
  • Working for government institutions responsible for the design and construction of civil works.
  • Working in their own construction companies, or as independent consultants.


  • Highly educated and experienced faculty and specialized researchers.
  • Appropriate infrastructure for teaching, including specialized classrooms, materials and computer laboratories.
  • The Center for Housing and Construction Research (Civco), whose mission is to promote improvement of the construction sector, with an emphasis on social interest housing.
  • The School of Construction Engineering offers a Master's program in Management of Construction Projects in conjunction with the Computer Engineering School and the Business Administration School of the TEC.