This discipline integrates and applies knowledge from electromechanics, electronics, computing and control systems. Its object of study is focused on providing comprehensive, intelligent, flexible and functional systems, and to create versatile, economical, reliable, simple products that are in harmony with humanity and the environment.

Perfil profesional

The program should be of special interest to persons interested in mechatronic technology, with capacities to carry out research, to be creative, to organize work, and provide leadership and innovation, who have the skills to use mathematics, physics and chemistry as a means of solving problems, and an interest in learning to plan and program the development of projects from their conception to their implementation and administration.

The most outstanding opportunities for work for program graduates are in the areas of electricity, electronics, industrial processes, marketing, technical advice and development of new technologies for institutions such as:

  • Companies related to industrial production.
  • Research centers.
  • Government agencies and equipment supply and manufacturing companies.


Students in the Mechatronics Engineering program will have access to services that will support their training in theoretical, practical, and research areas, including:

  • Computer equipment.
  • High-technology laboratory.