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In recent years, Costa Rica's government programs have explicitly the strengthening of technical education at the national level as a way of providing better educational options for youths.

In this context, the program for a Licentiate’s Degree in Technical Education has been developed as a contribution by the the School of Technical Education of the TEC of Costa Rica to achieving national goals associated with the strengthening of Technical Education.

The program focuses on core areas such as:

  • Pedagogy and adult education.
  • Psycho-pedagogy
  • Interdisciplinary studies.
  • Research.

Graduates with a Licentiate’s Degree in Technical Education obtain the VT6 and can work in the National Educational System and the private business sector to strengthen the country’s technical training and socio-economic development.

The program is aimed at professionals from different technical areas, including engineering, architecture, accounting, administration and design, who require training to acquire the skills they need to work as educators in technical specialties related to their profession.

Perfil profesional

Professionals graduated with a Licentiate’s Degree in Technical Education can work in the National Education System and the private business sector.

In the National Technical Education System, job offers are distributed in the public and private sectors in four main areas:

  • Professional Technical Colleges.
  • University Colleges.
  • University Education.
  • Non-formal education.

The private business sector offers the opportunity to work in training and development departments within companies in the design of courses, development of teaching resources and training manuals, definition and monitoring of training processes, continuous education, and management, and other areas related to education in the workplace.


  1. Original and copy of bachelor’s degree in areas related to the program.
  2. Original and copy of Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education.
  3. Certified transcript from the university of origin (with a validity of no more than three months).
  4. Complete the request for general information.
  5. Completed enrollment application for the TEC Licentiate’s Degree in Technical Education Program.
  6. Two passport-sized photographs.


Costs 2019:

  • Cost per credit: ₡24.870
  • Enrollment: ₡10.015
  • Student Welfare: ₡1.730
  • Health insurance: ₡ 4.900

Study plan

plan estudios


  • Number of cycles: three 4-month periods.
  • Number of weeks per cycle: twelve weeks.
  • Number of cycles per year: three cycles