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The School of Culture and Sports has academic responsibility for offering courses related to teaching programs, and carries out outreach and research programs.

Its approach is based on the importance of art, sports and social action in human development, and the conviction that the training and promotion of human values ​​is essential for professional success.

Knowledge, skills, human affectivity, skills and attitudes are the essential elements that are developed to achieve the School’s objectives in its different areas of action.


The School of Culture and Sports is a multidisciplinary academic body that contributes to the humanistic formation of professionals through teaching, research and social action, contributing to excellence in the arts, physical activity and socio-cultural dimensions, and strengthening its ties with the institutional, national and international communities.


By 2020, the School of Culture and Sports will be characterized by its leadership and capacity for interdisciplinary participation in projects and programs of research, teaching, outreach, social action and provision of services in the areas of art, physical activity and sociocultural action, linking together networks and strategic alliances at the national and international levels.


  • Contribute to the comprehensive formation of students, providing a critical space to develop their creative capacity.
  • Develop knowledge, appreciation and criteria for arts and sports.
  • Contribute to the satisfaction of the individual's cultural needs, either artistic, sports or social.
  • Assist in the formation of individuals by developing their human and professional qualities in a way that will allow them to play a relevant role in fulfilling their duties.
  • Place the cultural and sports experience at the service of the community.
  • Promote active participation in our programs – teaching, recreational, use of free time, research, and community outreach projects.
  • Seek recognition of the value of sports and cultural action.
  • Contribute to the awareness of our national cultural identity.