The School of Electromechanical Engineering started in the mid-1970s, in response to the increasing development of the industrial sector in the country and the consequent high demand for professionals. Initially, most graduates were hired by the public sector.

Currently, the Industrial Maintenance Engineering program is one of the most prestigious at the national and regional levels, since no other Central American university has a program of this sort.

The School offers the Licentiate’s Degree in Industrial Maintenance Engineering, the Master’s Degree in Electromechanical Engineering Administration, an Electromechanical Technical Program, and an Industrial Electricity Technician Program.

Through a Continuing Education Program, it also offers courses open to the industrial sector on specific topics related to maintenance.


The program is intended to promote, develop and facilitate excellent teaching, research and scientific and technological outreach activities in the field of Electromechanical Engineering, to contribute to the country’s and region’s productive, integral and sustainable development.


The School of Electromechanical Engineering will be a leading organization in the national and international fields in academic preparation, research development and linkages with the national and regional productive sectors. It will also promote innovation, as well as the exchange of knowledge between companies, chambers, organizations and related universities.


  • Innovation.
  • Team-work.
  • Assertive and effective communication.
  • Excellence in service.
  • Ethics and honor.
  • Commitment.
  • Personal and professional improvement.
  • Continuous improvement.


Strengthen the reliability, quality, training and work of the School’s teaching staff, as well as its national and international visibility and influence as an institution. In addition, generate effective instruments and mechanisms that allow improvement of the processes of evaluation and monitoring of projects and activities of the School.